About Me

Interior designer,  project coach, and partner in design.

“Our home was always in some sort of state of renovation by my dad. I think I have drywall dust in my bloodstream. I am not intimidated by a mess or a wreck of a space. I look past all that, to what it can be.”

Some of Rachel’s first memories are of climbing around the job site of her family home in Texas built, by her parents, from cast-off bridge trusses. Her father, an engineer, and her mother, a homemaker, have always nurtured her creativity. Art and Design have been a constant interest in her life. “I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, but lacked the particular skills of commercial artists. So when I landed on Interior Design it was a good fit for me. I could be an artist of space.” Rachel received her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Florida State University in 1999, and immediately hired on with an architecture firm in her home town of Pensacola, Florida. She worked there for 2 years acquiring the experience needed to sit for the National Council Interior Design Qualification exam. In 2001, she moved to Lakeland, Florida to marry her incredibly supportive husband, Shane. They lovingly restored a 1925 bungalow for several years before Rachel returned to the field of design. This time she worked with clients in residential design as a consultant for a custom furniture retailer. In 2008, she passed the NCIDQ exam and is a current member of the American Society of Interior Designers or ASID.  She currently resides in Lakeland, Florida with her husband and daughter.

I educate my clients on what matters most in design, cost versus value, and how to live in a well curated space. My ideal client is one who knows the value of good quality, but they just don’t know how to get it. So I serve as a liaison, introducing my clients to quality design and optimum space management.

People don’t know where to start but a designer does. You don’t need to get lost browsing. Designers are an advocate for you and your dream

A lot of the time we spend hours looking for the magic thing on Pinterest, but one design element won't do the trick. That is why I offer thoughtful curation that works and matches your life.
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