I help my clients understand the application of design elements in everyday life, and how to get the most out of their spaces.  

I make it my personal mission to make life better for everyone in their home through design, space planning, and quality finishes and furnishings.

What its like to work with me

my process


20 minute discovery Call

This is our starting point. We spend 20 minutes together talking about your project, your ideas, budget, and expectations. At the end both of us decide if we want to work together.


Design Consultation

After our Discovery Call, we go more in-depth with a 2 hour consultation where we discover your interests, what you value, and the results you hope for. Budget is also discussed more thoroughly.


Design packages

Now we are moving forward on the project, putting the pieces together, and making decisions. I offer various options to meet your needs after the 2 hour consultation.

Most Recent


My intent for each project is to match my client’s design aesthetic. I don’t have a particular design I want to impose on anyone, instead I want to find something that they love.

My projects are very personal and transformational; offering fresh hope, outlook, and freedom to move on with a new perspective.